Reports Report 3465u (Event 3465-2015)

This report has been linked to the following event: Event 3465-2015
NameRyan S
Experience Level4/5
RemarksI am pretty sure God is Love, and Love is light, and light is positive energy, Energy propelled to the speed of light is the only way to create mass/matter neither of which can be destroyed, only transformed. Our entire planet is Solidified Sunlight......and starlight. I have always had that feeling, did I learn something from a light being yesterday?
AddressTemple, PA
Latitude40° 24' 45.8'' N (40.41°)
Longitude 75° 55' 18.79'' W (-75.92°)
Time and Duration
Local Date & Time2015-11-17 02:40 EST
UT Date & Time2015-11-17 07:40 UT
Moving directionFrom up right to down left
Descent Angle182°
Facing azimuth60.44°
First azimuth60.75°
First elevation65°
Last azimuth60.83°
Last elevation25°
Brightness and color
Stellar Magnitude-24
ColorBlue, Green, Light Green, Light Yellow, White
Concurrent Sound
Delayed Sound
Persistent train
RemarksA glowing train of sparkling, dusty light was left trailing the primary mass. Measurements are quite difficult to determine. This ever-changing ball of falling light was the brightest thing I have ever witnessed. Along with the awe-inspiring splendor of It's luminance, I was instantally drawn to the unique behavior and otherworldly "glow" of this amazing thing so much to process in so little time, Yet as if all at once the overwhealming visual stimuli was joined by a startlingly strong feeling of peace, content, and belonging. Although this all happened in the blink of an eye, there was such depth and connection to the experiance that time ceased to exist, and the 2-3 second event seemed to go on for 10 seconds. All the while, I am absorbing vibrations with more meaning and clarity than ever provided by spoken words. As we enter the into the 2nd second of the experience, i begin to feel and understand pure positive energy, and begin to get the feeling that this light is aware of what its doing, and that it was doing whatever it was doing for us, and for a reason.and then i felt it begin to die, the deep connection was fading, and i got very sad. Looking at this creation was getting strange and harder to bear by the nano second. It was as though I was looking into the arc of the hottest cutting torch or gazing into the sun, only the light was the purest white, almost crystalline, and i had an instinctual feeling to look away because it was WAY too bright to look at, but there was no pain and no consequense. Remember all of this in 2-3 seconds. This light was continuously flickering and pulsating so fast and bright that it almost appeared to be flashing. These behaviors were erratic and getting more unstable as the nano seconds flew past, it was so bright that it felt good to look at, even at those speeds, the detail was crystal clear. Due to the almost unbelievable brightness, the light waves in that area were dominated. All that was visable in that direction was the falling light. It was difficult to determine the size and distance. Was it bigger, and farther than it appeared? OR did it exist just as we precieved it? . If the latter is correct, the apparent magnitude was LOW. Although this was experianced -and consciously assessed in real-time and re-evaluated post-incident by two (2) TRAINED observers, we can only draw speculation based on how it was visually observed, while lacking the visibility necessary for a quick triangulation using relative landmarks. The train appeared as a bright, vertical column of light measuring approximately the same diamater as the fireball itself, beginning the top of the fireball and extending about halfway down the visible train. From that middle point to the end, the tail began to appear less dense, and quickly tapered off to a sharp, almost perfect "point". it looked like a few smaller tails were present, but the bright light made it hard to see them (the main bright ma
Terminal flash
Remarkswithin about 3 seconds, the bright white light became bright yellow and then the yellow seemed to fall away into a glowing dust, exposing an amazing blue ball of light. This blue light seemed to emerge from the core of the entity as the brighter outer layers evaporated away.The blue ball did not glow as bright as the yellow and white that preceded it. Whith that being stated, the color and brightness of this final blue light was quite unusual. Despite the remarkably short observation time, I will never forget the unusual glow of that blue piece, The light semed very bright, however it appeared in such a way that one might compare it to an electrically charged chunk of dark blue glacial ice, polished to a high mirror-like shine and illuminated from within. The entire thing seemed infused with gold glitter, it was beautiful to see the gold on the white, then the yellow HOWEVER, the image produced by that golden dust that was integrated with that amazing dark blue crystal-like light that vanished into nothing, leaving only the aforementioned glowing debris trail and the short lived darkness that replaced it.