Reports Report 8416bk (Event 8416-2022)

This report has been linked to the following event: Event 8416-2022
NameCoy G
Experience Level2/5
RemarksI would just like to say I'm sure you have numerous reports by the hundreds or thousands. But I assure if somebody checks into this matter, something will be found that was captured on some satellite or some telescope etc that will show something came into the atmosphere I have witnessed approximately three shooting stars in my life time I have never witnessed something like this it shot the same direction I was going and also I want to point out I was riding a bicycle and it was dark and it's completely clear skies November 8th Huntington West Virginia 10:04 p.m.and my attention was caught out of my peripheral to the top left if I would have been looking straight it came over my left shoulder middle ways up in the sky there were many stars higher than it and the way it shot away from me if you would be close to a beach for example approximately 15 to 20 miles from the ocean and I am just making a assumption but it would have looked to me like when it disappeared it was at a slight downward angle while disappearing with the particles coming off the back to where if I would have been by the beach I would have thought it landed in the ocean. I would love a response and I appreciate your time I've never witnessed this in my life and it was a very cool / crazy experience also I just would like to point out I was completely 100% sober during this whole occasion.
AddressHuntington, WV
Latitude38° 24' 56.86'' N (38.42°)
Longitude 82° 27' 21.82'' W (-82.46°)
Time and Duration
Local Date & Time2022-11-08 22:04 EST
UT Date & Time2022-11-09 03:04 UT
Moving directionFrom up left to down right
Descent Angle110°
Facing azimuth254.6°
First azimuth254.6°
First elevation40°
Last azimuth250.84°
Last elevation19°
Brightness and color
Stellar Magnitude-11
ColorOrange, Yellow, White
Concurrent Sound
Delayed Sound
Persistent train
RemarksI have witnessed a shooting star and the object I witnessed was at the speed of a shooting star (literally seconds). But then there was a real faint trail, kind of what you would see in the daylight when Jets or planes leave the jet stream.💥 But please don't mistake me💥 This WAS NOT a jet stream from some type of flying aircraft, this I would guarantee came into the atmosphere from space. It was gone, by the time I could get my phone out of my pocket and the camera button pushed, because I noticed the trail after it was out of sight that's what made me instantly reach for my phone but then the trail was gone almost as quick as the object. and by the time I had my video playing the trailer that I could see was already gone.
Terminal flash
RemarksI cannot confirm 100%, but I strongly feel like there were certain pieces coming off that were small but is what was causing it to look like it had a tail if that makes sense like a shooting star but differently than a shooting star tail like the stream would be.This was separate pieces that were not connected in one solid line that was following the object it was pretty much like a DOT here a DOT there a DOT here a DOT there but all of what I'm referring to is coming off the back side of it. I don't want to confuse anybody because I saw your rules and standards and of course I am not a person that knows technical terms so please like I said earlier do not misunderstand me but the only way that I can explain what I am trying to say is if you would think about lighting a sparkler on 4th of July and shake it really fast you would have the little spots of the spark coming off behind the sparkler whatever way you were swaying it.