Reports Report 3513cz (Event 3513-2022)

This report has been linked to the following event: Event 3513-2022
NameAndrew C
Experience Level4/5
RemarksIve been an amateur astronomer since 1995 with a Meade ETX 125 EC autostar telescope. This thing hit Earth, and I've seen hundreds of meteorites enter atmosphere, but this, this was my TOP EVER witnessed Meteorite inside Earth atmosphere. Which is why I'm reporting this first time ever AMAZING best sighting.... This thing hit the ground, and I KNOW GENERAL AREA. gonna go find it!... I was a chemist 15 years, so I won't degrade it's integrity without proper PPE. Anyone out there wants to help me find this, I'll never forget what I saw, exactly where I was, whom I was talking with, it's colors, and it's perfect trajectory to Earth soil., Hopefully not in those rivers to my East.
AddressPalos Park, IL
Latitude41° 38' 56.16'' N (41.65°)
Longitude 87° 52' 31.53'' W (-87.88°)
Time and Duration
Local Date & Time2022-06-19 22:39 CDT
UT Date & Time2022-06-20 03:39 UT
Moving directionFrom down left to up right
Descent Angle62°
Facing azimuth78.4°
First azimuth84.42°
First elevation30°
Last azimuth24.94°
Last elevation31°
Brightness and color
Stellar Magnitude-6
ColorGreen, Orange, Yellow, Light Yellow, Red
Concurrent Sound
Delayed Sound
RemarksThis was very low in altitude. Appx. 3000-6000 feet above land. I waited and ran toward the trajectory as I watched it for 15+ seconds. This thing definitely hit somewhere north of my location. When the gree core stopped emitting light, and the red, yellow, golden tail and chunks broke off, I witnessed the core of this object cruise downward at it same trajectory that it was still on. I saw a deep red, gold, golden red core after the green dissipated and chunks broke off... This definitely hit ground. Whether I heard something, may be my mind thinking such, but honestly, after about 8-10 minutes (I was on my phone at the time talking with my girlfriend, and I explained EVERYTHING I just witnessed as it was occuring, and after, my adrenaline was going, as I'm an amateur astronomer since 1997, and I've never seen a greater meteorite that this) it definitely hit Earth somewhere... I'm going to go metal detecting for it!!.. this is FACTUAL, and I just want it reported...Andrew Coglianese
Persistent train
RemarksIt was a smoke train tail, that after the initial green fireball, and the debris coming off the tail I was able to witness a smoke tail briefly as the object came down. And I swear after 8-10 minutes, as I was on the phone too, I told my girlfriend that I swear I smelled something, as temperature was cooling here, and I mentioned to her multiple things i observed...... I'm going to look for this thing with my metal detector, I know a general area in which it came down, which is mostly forest area.I KNOW it hit Earth... Maybe half the size of a 4 cylinder engine, but as it broke and glowed green, it was at least two-door car size before crumbling and debris flying off.
Terminal flash
RemarksFragments we're orange, red, yellow behind the green core.