Reports Report 5814b (Event 5814-2019)

This report has been linked to the following event: Event 5814-2019
NameBrett R
Experience Level3/5
RemarksThis object was large enough even at the distance I viewed it from to say most likely at least some part of it could potentially have made it to earth. I did take notice that there was an aircraft flying in the general direction of where I viewed the object in the sky. The plane was traveling from my left field of vision, to my right. It took the plane approximately 8 seconds to reach the point in the sky which would intersect the path between my location, and the object. The pilot(s) of that aircraft would most likely have been able to see this phenomenon in the sky to their left from the direction they were flying. It was too bright to miss, and it was on such a large scale that as a size comparison, the commercial aircraft from where I saw it, was about 1/30th the size of the entire event (fireball to tail end of broken pieces and "sparks" i witnessed in the distance. It was easily the second largest if not the largest meteor I've ever witnessed in my life.
AddressBelvidere, NJ
Latitude40° 48' 13.21'' N (40.8°)
Longitude 75° 4' 38.61'' W (-75.08°)
Time and Duration
Local Date & Time2019-11-22 17:50 EST
UT Date & Time2019-11-22 22:50 UT
Moving directionFrom up right to down left
Descent Angle213°
Facing azimuth21.62°
First azimuth22.12°
First elevation31°
Last azimuth19.11°
Last elevation23°
Brightness and color
Stellar Magnitude-20
ColorOrange, Yellow, Light Yellow, White
Concurrent Sound
Delayed Sound
Persistent train
Terminal flash
RemarksWhen object appeared in my field of vision, there was a flash lasting maybe 2-3 hundreths of a second which is what immediately drew my attention to it
RemarksThe flash was immediately followed by a trailing shower of sparks that appeared to spread out 3-5 times wider than the object and trailed 15-18 times the length of the object, which burned out within half a second or less of the object vanishing.