Reports Report 5410f (Event 5410-2017)

This report has been linked to the following event: Event 5410-2017
NameDarren C
Experience Level2/5
Remarksnever seen anything that close, we were looking directly behind it as it headed North,
AddressCedar City, UT
Latitude37° 41' 4.04'' N (37.68°)
Longitude 113° 4' 30.99'' W (-113.08°)
Time and Duration
Local Date & Time2017-12-23 04:27 MST
UT Date & Time2017-12-23 11:27 UT
Moving directionFrom down left to up right
Descent Angle88°
Facing azimuth277.75°
First azimuth265.98°
First elevation21°
Last azimuth358.76°
Last elevation27°
Brightness and color
Stellar Magnitude-21
ColorDark Green, Green, Light Green
Concurrent Sound
Delayed Sound
Persistent train
RemarksI could see the rock, see a nucleus of green fire, huge green streak and then a long smoke trail close to an arm length, watched it for 7-8 seconds, never left horizon line, went behind huge cloud bank 75 miles ahead of me. I was traveling north bound on I-15 north of Cedar City, just before interstate jogs to a NE position, I saw what I thought to be green lightnening in front of me in the sky, this went on for almost a minute, I look directly West out of my driver side window and the green fireball passes me, I could see a rock surrounded by a nucleus shaped fire and huge stream of fire behind it, it passed in front of us where I woke my girlfriend who watched the last 3 seconds, when it went behind the cloud bank it was almost in the middle of the windshield but still within horizon. I have seen the Northern Lights once in the early 70s as a kid in Idaho, this was 1000 times more impressive, I am still a bit shaken the experience, and super super stoked, 1 in a trillion sighting, to see the Nucleus moving around the rock was somehting I will never forget!!!
Terminal flash
Remarks100,000s of small fragments coming off the tail and flaming out, nothing that feel out of the tail though