© Slansky C. Peter

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Event #2018-3414
Date 2018-08-13 03:51:00 CEST

Location DE
Geo Loc 48.791° / 11.498°
Elevation Unknown

This perseid was recorded by two of my cameras on 13.8.2018, 01:51 UT. The image is a composite of two film stills: The meteor occured in the field of the right camera first, then flew into the field of the left camera and disintegrated abruptly. The star slightly right from the middle of the image is Polaris. (It has 'wings' because of the koma of the lens.) On the left there is Ursa Minor. The persistent train was visible for more than two minutes. Please refer to the original video, shot with two Sony a7S at 25 fps at ISO 409.000 with Canon FD 1.4/50mm lenses at F = 1.4 @ www.peter-slansky.de.