© Joseph Clark

This video is related to
Event #2013-2583
Date 0000-00-00 00:00:00 PDT

Location Spanish Springs, NV, USA
Geo Loc 39.582° / -119.741°
Elevation 1368.239m

This is the meteor people from central California to Oregon and Western Nevada saw last night. I was in Spanish Springs when I caught it on my dash cam.It came in high left, heading fast to the west. It stayed lit for a good 5 seconds with fragmentation. After it went out and disappeared behind the mountains, some sparkling fragments trailed behind. A few seconds later a faint boom and fizzle was heard by myself.My fiancée was in disbelief and asked "Are you sure?" after I forgot to correctly call it a "Meteor" and not a shooting star.This was the biggest event I've seen in my life, so I was flabbergasted.