Report a Fireball: it's fun and easy!

You saw something bright and fast? Like a huge shooting star? Report it: it may be a fireball.

We are going to ask you to fill an interactive form that is intended to be easy to fill out for anyone.Please, be as precise as you can. Your report is important, it alerts us to potentially scientifically significant events that occur, and contributes to the general database of knowledge about meteors.You will have the opportunity to give us all the details about your sighting experience at the end of the form.

  • Please, don't report sighting that lasted more than 30 seconds:the vast majority of fireballs are only visible for few seconds.
  • Please, don't report recurring events: seeing a fireball is extremely rare and often an once in a lifetime event.
  • Please, don't report slow blinking objects or lights crossing the sky going by 2 or 3: a fireball looks like a big shooting star.
  • Please, don’t report comet-like rocket launches that appear for several minutes
Please, report only fireballs (bright shooting stars).
Reports of aircrafts / rocket launches / satellites / sky lanterns will not be accepted due to the impact they have on the fireball program and website.

If you encounter technically difficulties, please click the Help links or try the simplified version of the form.

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